Google issued a Type-C version of Pixel Buds headphones.

Sina Technology News October 10 morning news, this morning, Google held a new product launch conference in New York, officially released Pixel 3 mobile phone, Pixel Slate two-in-one Chrome OS tablet and Home Hub smart home control center three new products.

At the same time, there was a new product at the press conference that was not mentioned, that is the new wired Pixel Buds headset. This product uses a USB Type-C interface and is currently only available in white. The price is 30 US dollars, about 207 yuan.


Its function is basically the same as the wireless version of Pixel Buds, and also includes a fabric shark fin retaining ring to adapt to different human ear lifting stability. In addition, the remote control of the headset can also be used to launch the Google Assistant Assistant, listen to mobile notifications or use Google Live Translate.


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