Next iPad yet again rumored to sacrifice 3.5mm jack for slimness

The next Apple tablet, which is likely to be the 2018 iPad Pro, may be even thinner than its predecessor. So thin, in fact, that it will not be able to accommodate the headphone jack any more. This leak comes from a relatively unknown, yet heretofore accurate, tipster.

The next iPad will have a form factor that is only 5.9mm in height. This is according to a leaker on Twitter called CoinCoin, anyway. Should the relevant Tweet be proved correct, this upcoming device – most likely the iPad Pro 2018 – will be 0.2mm thinner than its predecessor. There is one catch, however: no headphone jack.

On the other hand, CoinCoin is a relative unknown in the leaking sphere, and has only been active on Twitter since November 2017. The tipster has also made predictions on only one release event: Apple’s Gather Round showcase in September 2018. Then again, CoinCoin was 100% accurate on every point made: the new iPhone model names; the XS Max’s weight; no fast charger shipped with new iPhones; the size of both iPhone XS and XS Max displays; and the fact that the XS Max has an asymmetric arrangement of speaker holes along the bottom edge. All of these projections were made 3 to 6 days before the event. Not bad for an account with a generic profile picture.

This is not the only port the iPad Pro may be losing this year. Earlier rumors suggest that it will come with a USB type C port instead of a Lightning connection. It is not clear if this is true or, if so, why it would be. Our best guesses at this point are that the USB port could be there to support fast charging, 4K HDR for secondary displays, or maybe both. Therefore, the iPad Pro may be the one for other tablet OEMs such as Microsoft to watch out for this year.


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