Anker is a brand of Oceanwing with offices in Seattle and Shenzhen that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics. It was founded by Steven Yang in October, 2011 after leaving his post at Google. The company is primarily known for its powerbanks and charging cables.
Anker charging devices use its PowerIQ proprietary technology, which detects the connected device and automatically optimizes the current delivered, thereby reducing the amount of time for a device to reach full charge. Many of Anker’s charging devices also use various fast-charging technologies, such as Quick Charge. Anker was mentioned in 2015 as the leading brand of mobile chargers on

a New Horizon

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Fast charging

Fully compatible with Qualcomm Quick
Charge and most other high-speed
charging protocols.

Awesome Design

Engineered from exceptional
materials and hardware; designed
to ensure superior speed and reliability.

Quality assurance

Proven to last much loner
than other cables.It is simply one of
the most durable cables, ever.

Customer service

Reliable after-sales service
Rapid logistics

Strong compatibility

Our rigorous In-house tests
confirm seamless physical
compatibility with all tested devices.

Sales are increasing

Industry-Leading Technology
99% Positive Feedback
Sales increase year by year


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